03 May 2011

Volcom's 2011 Spring/Summer Annihilator Boardies

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Volcom 2011 Commercial Spot

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11 April 2011

Grillfish Surf Series - Balangan Beach, Bali (3rd April, 2011)

Our Grillfish surf series was held this Sunday but it was anything but a Sun day. The sky was overcast and the ground was wet with rain despite the rainy season being over.

As soon as we set foot onto the beach we realized that the ocean seemed equally disinterested in our plans of ripping it up because the waves were flat. But when life gives you lemons make lemonade, so in true Volcom fashion we did just that, resulting in a juicy Sunday of surfing.

There was certainly a storm on Balangan Beach and it took the form of the young riders out there fighting the elements.

The little guy in the groms division, Rio, took control and beat Tommy Sobry, Volcom grom rider from Bingin. In the Junior division (17 & Under), Koko Mitsua (the former champion in the grom division) proved himself a worthy competitor and took the crown once again.

Rio surfed with all of his heart and definitely appeared bigger in the water than all of his larger sized competitors.

Koko walked away with another victorious year. He’ll be competing in the Junior Division Final in the VQS Indonesian Championship this year.

While the riders were competing in the water, the kids were competing on the beach, a few being lucky enough to win cool Volcom gear for spotting the Volcom team riders photos in a magazine.

Volcom pro rider Bol suited up as the Stone Man and decided to hit the water to find himself a wave to ride. The Volcom Stone doesn’t sink; it swims.

Pro Am division looked a bit different this year with the absence of Mega Semadi due to his age ineligibility to participate. His place was deservedly taken by Agus Sumerta Yasa, the winner in the Junior division last year. For Agus it seems its not the size of the wave, it’s the speed of the man.

In the additional division, the aerial show, Mega Semadi held nothing back. He made the one big maneuver and people just went…”what just happened?” It was a clear winning movement from Mega. With this year’s aerial show qualification system, he took the spot to participate from this region. Last year he won the Pro Am division, this time he made his way in another different qualifying division.


Groms (14 & Under):
1. Rio
2. Tommy Sobry
3. Aditya Putra Rahayu
4. Dyou

Junior (17 & Under):
1. Koko Mitsua Antara
2. Agus Sudiantara
3. Putu Prastya Darma
4. I Gede Angga

Pro Am:
1. Agus Sumerta Yasa
2. Agus Setiawan
3. Agus Julyantara
4. Agus Tinawan

Aerial show:
1. Mega Semadi
2. Agus Sumerta Yasa
3. Agus Setiawan
4. Sempol

A BIG thanks to all the event staff, Camel and local kids for the support. We look forward to seeing you all in the VQS Indonesian Championship this July!

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27 February 2011

Geckofish Surf Series - Biaung Beach, Sanur (Feb 20, 2011)

Given that it was the first event in the year 2011, we showed up to the Geckofish surf series in Sanur with grins wider than our faces! It seems the kids were even more excited than we were and came mad early, waiting patiently at the beach waroengs for our crew to arrive. We could sense it immediately - the air was filled with the raw, unbridled energy of youth and competition. It was on.

The waves were pretty solid with 3 to 4 foot swells that consistently churned out these long stretching barrels. We had a turnout of 80 kids and we were ready to let the feeding frenzy begin. The kids in the groms division started the festivities and although the rivalry was tight, there could only be one victor – Komang Bayu Pranata.

Putu Anggara, one of the contestants in Pro Am division, getting some air. He secured his spot in 2nd place losing out to his teammate, Putra Hermawan.

Kids, judges, and the Volcom crew all came together to share their passion for riding the ocean.

The barrels kept rolling in throughout the morning and this contestant caught a sweet free ride.

We saw a few familiar faces from last year in the Junior division, with Komang Komo and Ediana Putra becoming regulars of the VQS Geckofish surf series. The dedication is clearly paying off as Komang proved himself to be the best in the division.

Kuncung managed to catch some vertical during the Airshow, but with waves a little under 2 feet, the conditions were not ideal for takeoff.

Another competitor in the Airshow division who spreads his wings for this gnarly aerial.

Komang Putra Hermawan is definitely an Indonesia surfer to look out for - at just 18 he’s got a bright future ahead of him.

There were no surprises when Putra Hermawan walked away as the winner of the Pro Am division. As the winner of the Indonesian Surfing Championship 2010, he proved his reputation as a champion by grabbing the win for the Airshow division as well.

Groms division:
1. Komang Bayu Pranata
2. Kadek Hendrawan
3. Eka Nanda
4. Tedi

Junior division:
1. Komang Komo
2. Ediana Putra
3. A. Mardiana
4. Putu Eka

Pro Am:
1. Komang Putra Hermawan
2. Putu Anggara
3. Tia Nustawan
4. Mulle

Airshow division:
1. Komang Putra Hermawan
2. Putu Anggara

Special thanks to our crew, judges, local riders, Made Sutama, local authorities and county council for the huge support year after year keeping the VQS Geckofish surf series in Sanur alive and vibrant.

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17 February 2011

GECKOFISH Surf Series 2011

Heads up boys and girls, the first Volcom Indonesia VQS Surf Series tour in 2011 is coming soon! Free surfing competition for regional Sanur with free munchies for contestants and Volcom goodies for everyone. Let the kids ride free, always.

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08 November 2010

Wild In The Park 2010 Tour Indonesian Championship - Greenpark, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Cibubur (30 October, 2010)

Volcom Stone’s Wild in the Park was back in full force after a 1 year hiatus, and this incredible comeback tour all came to an explosive end at the Indonesian Championships in Jakarta. With a prize purse of more than Rp 10,000,000.00 along with 2 sick electric guitars and plenty of products from Volcom, it is no exaggeration to say the stakes were high.

17 & Under champions!

Pro Am champions!

Trick of the day from Volcom Stone Age, Rino Herman

After 3 qualifying rounds in 3 different cities, we had rounded up 40 of the top Indonesian skaters in the Open division (Pro Am) and 21 of the best in the Beginner’s division (17 & under). The scene of the action had to be at Jakarta’s only skate-park, the Greenpark in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). On this day Indonesian skating could finally be appreciated for what it really is – a movement.

Bagus Alvito, this year's 17 & Under contestant, a smooth board slide.

Pevi Permana, with a fakie ollie drop.

The rain beat us to the venue and most of us rocked up a little behind schedule, but as soon as all the contestants arrived we jumped into the practice sessions for both divisions. It’s the first time Volcom hosted an event at this park and we wanted to feel the lay of the land that we were to conquer.

Carlo Aulia from Bandung in the 17 & Under.

We kicked off the skate showdown of the year with the Beginner division, dividing all 21 skaters to 7 heat rounds. Dewa Oka, the winner from the Eastern regional brought his best and was killing it with insane tricks in every zone. Meanwhile, Carlo Aulia from Bandung decided to put on his own magic show and pulled out an endless bag of tricks, resulting in both these tricksters securing spots on the final stage.

Indra Leonardo, hardflip revert.

Mario Palandeng, bs smith.

After an hour (rain) shower break, the crowd settled themselves in their wet seats for the highlight of the entire tour – The Open Division. The skaters in this division are Indonesia’s best for a reason, and it was a no holds barred contest. Pevi Permana’s aerial show and intricate tricks got the audience amped, and he cruised his way into the final. Volcom Indonesia’s rider, Rino Herman was not to be outdone, and he dropped a few gems of his own including a hand plant and kick flip bs 50 on the ledge.

Burger burger, eat all about it.

During our lunch break to match these skaters rockstar performances we had our rider, Norman Genta and his band Slave, pump some adrenalin out of the sound system. It clearly did the job because the finalists had a fire in their hearts that had just been stoked.

Dewa Oka winner of this year's Championship.

The final of the Beginner division was a pool of raw talent, but Bagus Alvito and Dewa Oka proved to be more refined in their lines and tricks and drew away from the pack. This time around Dewa Oka (Bali) was the stronger of the two, and walked away as the Indonesian 17 & under champion. The Bandung boys, Bagus Alvito and Carlo Aulia respectively scored 2nd and 3rd place, and Henrico (Central Java) walked away with the 4th place prize.

Reno Pratama's sky high pose with side grab.

Rino Herman the Open champion. Kick flip nose slide.

In the final of the Open division we had 8 of the best skaters and 1 remaining round to decide who would win title of the best skater in Indonesia. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math on this one – it was simply EPIC. Reno Pratama (Jakarta) cruised on in and landed an ollie big heel in zone 1 and a big spin boardslide. Pevi Permana (Bandung) wasn’t impressed and did a fakie ollie drop along with a 360 aerial. But then Rino Herman rocked up and decided amateur hour was over, stealing the show with an insane kickflip nose slide down the rail and sealed it with a hardflip big drop that granted him the pass to walk away with 1st place and Rp 2,000,000.00 worth of Stone Age products for trick of the day. Reno Pratama (Jakarta) followed in 2nd place, Pevi Permana (Bandung) in 3rd place and lastly Indra Domdom (Bandung) in 4th place.

Rino Herman, hard flip big drop won the best trick of the day.

Timotius Firman's take for national tv coverage, Global TV Clasers.

Rocking perfomance by Rocket Rockers!
Indra fueled the crowds with a dose of freebies.
A scene of riot in the park!

Beginner division (17 & Under):
1. Dewa Oka (Bali)-Rp. 1.500.000
2. Bagus Alvito (Bandung)-Rp. 1.000.000
3. Carlo Aulia (Bandung)-Rp. 750.000
4. Henrico (Jogja)-Volcom Products

Open division (Pro Am):
1. Rino Herman (Bali)-Rp. 4.000.000
2. Reno Pratama (Jakarta)-Rp. 2.000.000
3. Pevi Permana (Bandung)-Rp. 1.250.000
4. Indra “Domdom” (Bandung)-Volcom Products

Trick of the day by Volcom Stone Age Rp. 2.000.000 worth of products, Rino Herman (Hardflip big drop).

Thanks to the support from our friends and family below:

Timotius Firman (jA!)
Fathir Muchtar
Rocket Rockers
The Slave
Global TV (Clas Mild)
Juice magazine
Area Magazine
Trax magazine
Hai magazine
Happen magazine
Provoke magazine (Windy)
Go Girl magazine
One shop (Indra-Bali)
Insect shop

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26 October 2010

HELIFISH Surf Series - Cimaja Sunset Beach, Karang Papak (3 October, 2010)

This is our 5th season of hosting the Helifish surf series in Cimaja Sunset beach and our love for this spot just keeps growing. It’s the combination of the mountainous backdrop, the kids’ enthusiasm, and the unpredictability of the waves that just keeps drawing us back. We all slept with our fingers and toes crossed and apparently it worked because the sun was shining and the weather was SWEET. We divided the beach into 2 judging spots, and with waves just under 2.5 feet, the whistle blew to get the Grom’s going.

A local in the Junior division.

Judges chilling with beautiful mother nature.

Sadly the ocean was not being friendly to our little groms, as the current was too strong for them to manage, so after the first heat we switched it over to the Junior division. The bigger boys handled the ocean just fine, Teguh handling it a little better than the other, scoring himself 1st place.

Cakrayuda the winner in Pro Am division.

As we proceeded into the Pro Am division, Cakraduya stunned everyone with more than just his golden hair, dominating every heat and scoring the highest points in the division.
The Groms got back into the water once the ocean calmed down, and these guys were fired up. No one likes waiting, especially not a group of under 12 year olds. Dian, who rode 11 hours from Pangandaran to make it to the competition, made sure his trip wasn’t in haste and nabbed the first place. Once the awards were given out, the rain came down, couldn’t ask for better timing.

1. Dian H.
2. Muldi
3. Ook
4. Rizal

1. Teguh
2. Rian Hidayat
3. Arifin
4. Atris

1. Cakrayuda
2. Rudy Bombom
3. Rian Hidayat
4. Fredy

A huge thanks to all local event staff that help to make this possible, Boyke, our driver Jae with his relentless driving, local kids, local media and the government of Sukabumi.

Much LOVE West Java.

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